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Subject: Father & Sondaze-Part IV-The Final ChapterI am glad that there are a legion of fans of this series, but as we all know,
all good things must cum to an end! So this will be the climax (Ha! Ha!) of
the story with some twists and surprises in store. I hope that you have
enjoyed the saga. While there have been several guys involved, they may not all be
part of this final chapter! So if you are ready, sit back, unzip, take that
rock hard dick of yours out and stroke away because here it cums!As I started out in chapter 1, Ben was real happy to be returning to the
country this summer. The previous summer had opened his eyes to the pleasures of
hot boy on boy sex and he was eager to get back together with the boys with
whom he'd shared so much pleasure! The twist was that his grandma was going
away for a good part of the summer and would not be back until the week before
Labor Day. Since she was an expert bridge player, she was going to work at an
Elder Hostel in the Berkshires. She had agreed to lolitas preteen models pics this because Aaron would be
supervising them. Ben was sixteen, Andy seventeen and Stevie fifteen. The
three of them would be working at the camp along with Aaron and Aaron's lover,
Doug. Grandma was allowing them to use the main house as well as the cottage
for free in exchange for caring for Ben and the property.Ben had arrived and gotten many hugs and kisses from Grandma Pearl. She was
leaving early next morning and the guys were due to arrive by 10 AM. Ben went
to bed early and it took all his restraint to keep his hands off his raging
boner. He wanted to whack off so badly, but he knew what was in store for him
and was eager and anxious. Finally, after midnight, he fell preteen lolita sexy models into a deep
sleep. Grandma woke him at seven and kissed him good-bye. She assured him that
Aaron would be here soon with the boys lolitas top kds bbs and Doug. Ben tried to go fall back
asleep but his mind and his hardon would not allow it. There was a week before
camp started and they all hoped to take full advantage of it!At around nine, Ben went downstairs and ate breakfast, although he was more
excited than hungry. In their last phone conversation, Andy had promised there
would be some surprises and Ben was more than eager to learn about them. He
knew that his hardon was oozing pre-cum in his shorts but he didn't dare touch
himself. He had grown three inches in the past year and his cock had
thickened and lengthened as well. He had fooled around with several guys, but was
eager to renew the relationship with the two hot, talented brothers!Precisely at ten, Ben heard a car drive up. Out bounded, Andy and Steve.
Ben could not believe how much the two brother's had grown themselves. They all
embraced and then Ben saw a third person emerge and enter the cottage. "Ben,
this is my uncle Allen. He's our dad's younger brother and he's gonna spend
the week with us.!" Andy said winking as he did so. Ben could see the facial
resemblance but Allen was much bulkier than the brothers' dad. He was also
much younger, Ben guessed in his twenties. " Dad and his friend Doug are driving
up separately and should be here in the afternoon sometime. Meanwhile, I
figured that the four of us could have our own fun!" Andy said winking again.
With that he began to rub on the front of Ben's shorts and the inevitable
happened as the boy's cock immediately hardened. "So what do we have here? Andy
asked as he slyly pulled down the zipper. "Look Uncle Al, Ben has a boner.
Would you like to help him out with that?" Andy asked. "Don't mind if I do!" the
older boy answered. Ben watched as Allen unzipped his own shorts and stepped
out of them. He could see the outline of the guy''s own prominent bulge.
"you know what I like, Andy. Why don't you and Stevie take care of my big man
ass while I show your friend what a real hot blow job feels like!" Allen said.Ben watched in amazement as Allen got down on his knees and lowered Ben's
shorts. His boner stood out from his crotch and there was some pre-cum already
oozing from the slit. free hardcore loli pics Extending his tongue, Al licked it off the boy's
dickhead sending shivers up and down his spine! Ben watched as the older boy opened
his mouth wide and swallowed every fat inch of his cock, taking him down to
his cockhairs. Meanwhile, Andy and Steve had stripped as well, Ben could not
believe how big the brothers' cocks had grown over the past year! Andy's must
have been at least nine inches long and Stevie's, while not as long, was
extremely thick, maybe ever thicker than his older brother's. Ben watched as Stevie
got behind his uncle and spread his big man cheeks. "That's it, kid, expose
my butthole so your brother can get his hot tongue in there! I want you to
get it nice and wet and juicy for me.!" Allen moaned. After he said that, he
proceeded to again chow down on Ben's cock. The blow job that he was getting
felt so fucking unbelievable that Ben knew he was not going to hold out much
longer. He could feel his balls tighten and he knew he was real close. As he
watched Andy eating out his uncle's ass, Stevie got behind Ben and spread his
own bubble butt. Ben gasped as he felt the younger boy's tongue came in contact
with his tiny butthole and that pushed him over the edge. "Oh shit, Allen,
I'm gonna shoot. Can't help it. He cums my load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ben screamed as
he lunged forward and delivered his teen offering. The older boy, pro that
he was, swallowed every last drop and would not release him until he had fully
drained him. Ben collapsed on the couch. "Wow guys, that was some welcome!"
Ben gasped."We wanted to have some fun of our own last night, but since we waited boys,
I'm horny as hell!" Allen said. "How about we go in the bedroom and continue
our fun!" Eagerly, the three boys followed the older boy, their hardons
bouncing as they walked. Even Ben, who had just shot a tremendous load of teen cum
down Allen's greedy throat was on the bone again. Allen lay back on the big
bed and beckoned the boys to him. "You know, I never get tired of two things,
the first is having my ass fucked and the second is having my tits sucked!
Andy, why don't you and Ben work on my man nipples while you're baby brother
reams out my hot, steamy ass! His fat cock is what I really need right now!"
Allen moaned.Ben climbed on the bed and looked down at Allen's mantits. He leaned over
and began to lick at the nub and was amazed at pictures of young lolitas
how big and hard it grew under
his ministrations. He slowly began to jack his rod as he continued to feast on
the older boys hot flesh. Andy, meanwhile was doing the same and as he
watched Ben jacking off, he reached over and grabbed the younger boy's hard cock.
Let me do that for you, man!" Andy cooed. Ben decided to reciprocate and
reached out and grabbed Andy's rod. He could not believe how big it had grown over
the last year! Stevie, meanwhile, was working two of fingers up his uncle's
hot hole, the one that his older brother had eaten out so voraciously just a
few minutes earlier. He knew he had the fattest cock of the three boys and he
knew that he loved to slide his meat up a steamy orifice spreading it wide as
he entered it. The fifteen year old had become adept at fucking his older
brother's ass and he knew that his uncle would love the pounding he was about to
receive!"Andy, why don't you feed me your long boydick while your brother fucks the
shit out of pictures of young lolitas
me! Ben buddy, just keep chewing on those mantits. Get them real
nice and juicy!" Ben ordered. And the boys obeyed. Grabbing hold of his
teenaged turgidness, Stevie aimed his cock at the target below him. Lunging
forward, he buried all of his thick inches inside his uncle as the older boy gasped
from the onslaught. At the same time, Allen''s mouth was full of his older
nephew's nine inches as the boy fed him his entire rod. Ben could not believe
the sight before lolita preteen pay sites him; one nephew getting his cock blown and the other one
ramming the shit out of his uncle's butthole! He knew that if he so much as
touched his cock he'd shoot again and he fought desperately not to do so. He
continued to munch on Allen's hot mantits. "Aw shit, Uncle Al, your mouth is so
fucking hot on my cock! You''re gonna drain my entire load any minute! "Andy
groaned.Meanwhile, Stevie was pounding the shit out of his uncle's ass. His cock was
sliding in and out of the steamy orifice with every forward teenaged thrust.
He knew that he would not be able to ukrainian ls lolita pics last much longer as his uncle's tight
ass was driving him crazy. "That's it Andy, drown Unc's throat with your heavy
load! I'm almost there, man! Gonna fill him up with hot teen spunk! My
balls are ready to explode any second! Here I fucking
cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Stevie shrieked as he planted his thick rod deep inside of Allen and
exploded, his juice splashing against the older boy's hot asswalls. Andy, spurred
on by his brother's orgasm, shot as well as jet after jet of his jism shot
down his uncle's greedy throat. Man did his uncle know how to suck cock!"The nephews, drained of their loads, lay back on the bed. Ben saw that Allen
had not cum as of yet and climbed over the bodies to get to the older boy's
cock. The least he could do was to return the favor and he knew that he had
grown adept at cocksucking! He grabbed Allen's dick at the base and slowly
began engulfing the fat rod in his throat. It was nowhere as long as Andy's it
was sure thick. He had to spread his mouth real wide to take it all. Ben then
felt his ass cheeks being spread and he could tell that one of the brother's
was eating out his hole. "Aw shit, kid you're one helluva cocksucker! I can
feel the load stirring in my balls! Keep it up and you're gonna get all of my
mancum!" Allen groaned.But Ben had other ideas. It had been a year since he'd been screwed and he
was real horny about now. He climbed atop of Ben's belly and spread his
cheeks. Reaching behind him, he grabbed Allen's rod and sat down. He groaned as he
felt the thickness enter him but he did not stop until he had every fat inch
buried inside him. He looked down at Allen whose head was tossing from side to
side. "Shit, kid, you're butthole is so tight!" With that, he arched his
body upward, all two hundred thirty pounds of him lifted off the bed as he fucked
himself into the boy's hot orifice. Ben gasped as Andy leaned over and began
to suck his cock. Stevie joined in the action as he went down on his
brother's returning hardon and began jerking on his own fat cock. For five minutes,
all you heard was flesh banging against flesh and mouths eating cock! Ben was
meeting Allen's upward thrusts with downward thrusts of his own! "Damn, I'm
almost there, boys! Gonna flood Ben's hot butthole with my load. I can't help
it! It's too fucking tight! Gonna shoot right
NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Allen screamed as his orgasm overtook him and he unleashed deep into Ben's
rectum. Meanwhile, Ben was consumed with his second orgasm as he unloaded naked lolita teenage pics deep
into Andy's hot, greedy throat. Andy, for his part, let russian underage lolita pics loose bookmark gateway ls lolitas with his own
load as his younger brother greedily sucked him dry. Stevie's fist pounded away
at his own rod until he, too, shot all over the bed!"So the four of you couldn't wait for Doug and me to come before you all
decided to cum!" Aaron laughed as he looked down on the bed. He reached over and
grabbed the front of his lover's shorts as his hand encircled the growing
bulge. "Looks like we need to get in on the action!"So, I lied. There will be another chapter. Cumments, as always, are welcum!
Hope you enjoyed!
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